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With Scarves of Red Wrapped ‘Round Their Throats

This story inspired the following fanart. Author: lucy_in_the_soup_with_croutons Summary: Stiles needs to hide some incriminating marks on his neck and Derek drowns him in scarves. Pairing: Stiles/Derek

Art for If You Only Knew

Title: If You Only Knew Author: theblackrose16 Artist: theblackrose16 Beta: elsa_kallan Summary: Merlin has spent his whole life hiding things. Living in Camelot merely added to the secrets that he needed to keep. As time goes on and he spends more time with Arthur, Merlin comes to realise that he in is love with the […]

Art For A White Christmas

The story can be found here Book Cover and Banner Movie Poster

Don’t Kill Me While I Sleep Art

Title: Don’t Kill Me While I Sleep Author: theblackrose16 Beta: elsa_kallan Genre: Slash | Crossover Summary: Harry still has visions after his defeat of Voldemort, related to anything and everything. He hasn’t had a vision of a bad guy for some time. For the first time in a long time, he tunes in to a […]

Never Gonna Give You Up Art by v son sayian

Art by: v_son_sayian Story: Never Gonna Give You Up CD Cover Front and Back: Collage: Scene:

Art for Time Will Kiss The World Goodbye by tasogareika

Author: tasogareika Story: Time Will Kiss The World Goodbye Fandom/Genre: SPN, AU; romance, slice-of-life, drama Pairing: Dean/Castiel, with background Gabriel/Balthazar (non-related) and Gabriel/Sam Rating: PG-13 Words: 36,374 Warnings: Mentions of death, character deaths (of a sort) but nothing much beyond that Summary: Two souls meet each other in a most unexpected way, and from there […]

Like Any Other Prince by stageira

Author: stageira Claim: Princess Diaries 2 Pairing: Jensen/Misha (Lord Jensen Ross Ackles/Prince Dmitri “Misha” Tippens Collins Krushnic) Rating: PG13 Word Count: Summary: Prince Misha knows that being a royal and ascending to the throne of Genovia are two very hard things but ordering him to marry before being able to wear the crown?  That’s just […]

Art for A Trench Coat’s Tale by ladyofthesilent and trueromances

Title: A Trench Coat’s Tale Authors: ladyofthesilent and trueromances Claim: Just Like Heaven Genre: Romance, Angst, Humor, Case!fic, Fix!it, Canon-AR (goes AU after the first few minutes of 7×02) Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel Rating: PG-13 Word Count: 33.250 Warnings: complete and utter cluelessness about the medical details mentioned in this fic, some triggery stuff (coma, life support, […]