Evil Author’s Day – Take A Chance On Me

Title: Take A Chance On Me

Summary:Danny Williams came online as a Guide at the age of twenty six.  By that time, he was already married and had a beautiful daughter.  His wife Rachel, however, has an extremely negative reaction to Danny being a Guide.

A year later and Danny is still struggling to pick up the pieces from an incredibly messy divorce and custody battle while trying to provide his daughter with a stable home.

Danny had two wishes.  That his ex-wife would disappear and that just maybe he could find his Sentinel.  Although he’d given up on finding his Sentinel, he would settle for Rachel disappearing.

And then he meets Steve McGarrett…

Pairings/ Characters: Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, Chin Ho Kelly/Melina, Kono Kalakaua/ , Jenna, Lori Weston, Grace Williams

Warnings: mature sexual situations, language, Mean!Rachel, violence, crime,

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author’s Notes: This is a part of If The World Were Mine ‘verse.


It was a depressing thought when Danny realised that he could identify what would be a good or bad day for him based on whether or not he came across his ex-wife in any capacity before 11a.m.  He and Rachel had been divorced for a little over six months and she still made his life miserable on a near daily basis.

Since the divorce and subsequent custody battle, Rachel had gotten herself a job working with the District Attorney as his personal assistant.  It meant that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t avoid her and pretend that she didn’t exist like most divorced couples could.

Danny clutched his cup of coffee in both hands and pulled it closer.  Today was most definitely not going to be a good day.  Rachel had been lying in wait for him when he had arrived at the precinct after dropping Grace off at school.  Her excuse for seeing him had been that she needed to arrange his appointment with the District Attorney to go over a case.  Something she could have done with a phone call he had pointed out to her.  From there it had all gone downhill.

More and more, Danny was beginning to feel trapped… desperate to escape.  He’d already begun discussing the possibility of moving with his parents and the local centre.  While his parents were reluctant to see him and Grace relocate, they did think that a fresh start somewhere else might do the both of them some good.  It would solve a lot of problems for Danny, and while it might create some new ones, there was always the possibility that he might finally meet his Sentinel.

“Come on, Danny.  You can’t keep this up forever,” Rachel needled at him as she leaned back on his desk, in what Danny supposed she thought was a sexy pose.

Danny sighed and sat back in his chair, putting as much space between the two of them as he could manage.  By now at least half the entire department was watching them from the corner of their eyes.  Danny hated it when Rachel caused a scene, which she seemed to be doing more and more lately now that he thought about it.

“Keep what up?  There is nothing to keep up.  We are divorced Rachel.  I have custody of Grace, who still does not want to see you and neither do I, there is nothing to keep up and what we do is no longer your business.  You lost the right to know anything when you started sleeping with someone else and called my daughter and me abominations.”

Absolute silence met Danny’s outburst.  He hadn’t actually told anyone except his parents and the Sentinel lawyer that had helped him get full custody why he was divorcing Rachel.

His ex-wife was red in the face as she stood straight and stared down at him.

“You think anyone else will ever be willing to put up with you?  That anyone is going to want you?  No Sentinel is ever going to want sloppy, damaged seconds.  You should have taken me up on my offer of reconciliation while you still had a chance.”

With her parting shot delivered, Rachel strode out.

Danny closed his eyes and sank deeper into his chair.  Rachel had just voiced one of his deepest fears for everyone to hear.  Desperately he pushed down the pain that Rachel’s words had dragged to the surface.

Ever since he’d come online a little over a year ago, he’d been meeting sentinels left and right.  He’d come online late in life at the age of twenty seven.  He’d participated in over twenty Guide meet and greets as well as attending numerous socials in an effort to find his Sentinel.  Each and every time he’d been rejected though.  Lately, Danny hadn’t even bothered going anymore.  The pain of being rejected over and over again on top of his recent divorce along with Rachel’s subsequent harassment was a little more than he could take.

Quietly, aware that all eyes were discreetly on him, Danny made his way to the Captain’s office, knocked and entered, closing the door behind him.

“Danny,” Miller greeted him with a sympathetic smile, indicating a chair in front of his desk, “please have a seat.”

Grateful, Danny dropped down into the seat.

“What can I do for you?” his boss asked him full of concern.

“I wanted to talk to you about resigning.  I can’t be here anymore.  I was thinking of moving out of the state,” Danny murmured.

Captain Miller sighed regretfully.  “I can’t say that I didn’t see this coming but I am sorry that it’s come to this.”

“Me too but I can’t be anywhere near her anymore and you can’t force a person to move states.”

“I understand, Danny.  Tell you what.  Why don’t you finish all your paperwork and then go home.  You still have three weeks on the books for leave and it might do you some good to take some time away to think and it will take up most of your necessary two week’s notice”

Danny grimaced but had to concede that his boss was right.  He did need to get away as soon as possible.  The blonde pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration as he weighed his options.

Captain Miller watched the emotions chase across the younger man’s face.  He was worried about Danny and had been for some time.  The younger detective needed to get as far away as possible from his ex-wife.  It would be sad to see him go but it was what was best for both Danny and Grace.  The young Guide needed to find his Sentinel and a place to make a home without interference from his ex.

“I didn’t want to involve anyone else in my troubles but thank you Sir.  It means a lot to me,” Danny spoke softly, just loud enough for Miller to hear him.

The blonde cop stood and reached out to shake the Captain’s hand.  “Thank you Captain, you’ll have my resignation by the end of today.”

Miller shook Danny’s hand as he answered.  “Not a problem, Danny.  You ever need any help; you know where to find me.  Go finish your paperwork and then go home to your daughter.”

The rest of the day was relatively quiet for Danny.  He was able to complete all of his outstanding paperwork and divide his cases into two piles.  One for closed and one for on-going investigations that he could hand into his Captain.  By the time the four p.m. rolled around, the blonde detective was more than ready to pack it in and head home to his daughter.

It was the work of a couple of minutes to pack all of his personal belongings into a box.  Once Danny was sure that he hadn’t missed anything, he picked up one of the piles of files and headed to his Captain’s office.

His brisk knock on the office door was answered with a “Come.”

“Captain, these are the unsolved cases that I was working,” Danny informed the older man as he handed over the files.

“Excellent.  I’ll see to it that these are assigned to other officers.”  Captain Miller placed the files on the desk in front of him before he spoke again.

“It’s been a privilege working with you Detective Williams.  You’ve done wonderful work.  You ever need a reference or help with anything, I want you to give me a call.”

Danny stuck his hands in his pants’ pockets to keep from visibly fidgeting at the praise and offer of help.

“I was just doing my job, Sir.”

Miller shook his head in disagreement.  “You and I both know that you go above and beyond what duty requires of you, Danny.”

“I can give you a summary of the cases in those files before I leave,” Danny offered, choosing not to comment on his Captain’s praise.

Captain Miller merely smiled and waved at the open chair before his desk.  “By all means, Detective Williams, please do.”


“So when are you and Mom wanting to leave on your ‘round the world trip?” Sentinel Commander Steven McGarrett asked as he manoeuvred his way through the crowded airport, his cell held up by his shoulder against his ear as both his hands were currently occupied.

“Our flight is in two weeks but you know your mother.  She’s already packed our bags half a dozen times.  By the way, the house is ready for when you arrive, son.”

“You and Mom didn’t have to move out of the house you know.”

Steve heard his father chuckle over the phone.

“Steve, the house is yours now. You need some space to establish your own home, especially now that you are trying to find your Guide.  The two of you will need your own place and you know how much your mother has wanted to travel.  You coming home permanently and us being retired has given us the perfect excuse to go roaming.”   



“Hey monkey, how was school?” Danny asked Grace as they sat at the dining room table.  He’d made them a simple meal of mac ‘n cheese.  He didn’t have the energy to make anything more elaborate but Gracie didn’t seem to mind.  After he’d had a good nights’ sleep or two, he’d make something a bit more complicated.

“We learned about dolphins today.  Danno, did you know that there are almost forty different species of dolphins?  Ms Carpenter said that the biggest can get up to 30 feet.  And that they can eat…”

The young brunette spent the rest of the meal regaling her father with tales about her different lessons and some of her class mates’ antics in between mouthfuls of food.  Danny sat and listened to her chat enthusiastically, only needing to nod and hum in agreement when appropriate.

After dinner, Grace bathed while Danny washed and packed the dishes away.  The blonde was trying to decide on what to tell his daughter when he heard her call out to him.

“Danno, can you help me with my hair?”

“Sure, sweetie,” Danny called back drying his hand on a dish towel.  A few moments, he made his way to Gracie bedroom.  Her room was painted a pale blue colour with pictures of various sea creatures hanging on the walls.  Looking at the walls, Danny started mentally compiling a list of places near the ocean that he wouldn’t mind moving to.  It would definitely make Grace happy.

“Danno?” Grace’s voice disrupted his thoughts.

Danny walked the few steps to stand behind the young girl sitting in front her dresser, watching him in the reflection of the mirror.  “So what are we wanting to do with your hair Monkey?”

“Can you braid it please?”


Danny smiled down at his daughter, picked up the brush lying on the dresser and began the task of combing all the knots out of her hair.

There were a few moments of silence before Grace started speaking hesitantly.  “Danno?”

“Yeah Monkey?”

She met his eyes in the mirror as she asked, “You’re a Guide right?”


“Like me?”

Danny frowned as he answered.  He was unsure of where this conversation was going.  “Yes, sweetheart.”

“And we’re special right?  We’re not freaks like Mommy said?”

The blonde had to force himself to take a deep breath to calm down so as not to sound angry when he answered her.  Crouching down, he turned Grace around so that they were eye level and staring straight at each other.

“You are not a freak.  You are a wonderful, beautiful, special young lady who will one day find your own Sentinel.  There is nothing wrong with you.”

Grace gifted him with a luminous smile.  “I thought so but after what Mommy said I just wanted to make sure.”

Danny couldn’t help but smile in return.  He leaned forward and kissed Grace on the forehead.  Just as he was about to stand again, she placed a small hand on his arm, halting his movement.

“Why don’t you have a Sentinel, Danno?  Where’s your Sentinel?”

“It’s not that simple, Sweetheart,” Danny sighed.


Exhausted, Danny crawled into bed and pulled the covers over his head.  He wasn’t merely physically tired; he was emotionally and mentally exhausted as well.  He was tired of having to deal with Rachel all the time.  He was tired of have this feeling of emptiness inside of him, the one that his Sentinel was supposed to fill.

The first six months of separation from Rachel had been hell.  He’d gone through the divorce and custody battle alone all the while longing for his Sentinel to be there to lend him support.

Danny had participated in every single Guide Search for the first couple of months since he’d come online.  But each and every single time he’d been rejected.  Oh, he knew that the Sentinels weren’t actually rejecting him.  It was just… with every Search that he didn’t find his Sentinel, when they bonded with someone else it felt like a rejection, a failure on his part.  To have this on top of the horrible divorce with Rachel was just too much for him so he’d given up on attending the Searches.

The empty feeling inside of him had intensified though.  The Guide counsellor at the local centre had said that every Guide felt that emptiness but because he’d desperately needed and longed for his Sentinel during such a difficult time of his life that the feeling had deepened for him.

Danny turned over onto his back and stared blankly at the ceiling with only his thoughts for company.  Maybe Rachel was right.  Not all Sentinels and Guides bonded.  Maybe his Sentinel was dead or maybe… just maybe they had found someone better, someone that wasn’t so damaged and didn’t come with so much baggage.

Not for the first time, Danny was left alone with such depressing thoughts.  It took a long time before he finally drifted off to sleep.


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  1. *_* omg, this is soooo good 🙂 I love where you’re going with this!

    btw, thank you for having a “follow blog by email” situation with your wordpress site! I know not everyone employs it and as a reader it’s soooo much easier to make sure I don’t miss an update!!!

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