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Supernatural WIP


Title: So Close

Summary: Lucien had been identified as a latent Guide when he was eight years old, and ever since that day he had yearned for the time when just maybe he would come online. As each year passed, he became more and more disheartened. Determined to be a part of the Sentinel and Guide world in any way possible, Lucien signed up for anthropology courses on Sentinels and Guides. This decision would change his life forever.

Pairings/ Characters: MichaelCustos/Lucien Renaldo, Raphael Custos, Balthazar Custos, Anna Custos, Tessa Custos, Daniel Jackson, Blair Sandburg, Gabriel Custos, Castiel Custos. Arthur Pendragon, Ygraine Pendragon/Uther Pendragon

Snippet from EAD Here

Title: Child’s Play

Summary: Growing up is never easy. For Gabriel Novak, one of a family of eight children, it’s even more complicated. When tragedy strikes his family at age twelve, Gabriel learns that while some families break, others have your back. Mistakes are a part of life and your decisions affect those around you. Growing up is painful, full of laughter and tears and it’s important to remember that overcoming obstacles is child’s play when you have your family you can count on.

Characters: Gabriel, Michael, Lucien, Raphael, Balthazar, Anna, Tessa, Castiel, Kali

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