Queer As Folk WIP


Title: A Case of the Blues

Summary: Brian is a thirty four year old, successful business man and father of an almost ten year old son but he’s lonely and tired of people trying to use him for his money and the power that comes with his name. His company that he had started six years ago is thriving but holds no challenge or joy anymore.

Justin is eighteen years old, recently finished high school and is one step away from hustling.

Can these two show each other that there is more to life?

Pairing: Brian Kinney/Justin Taylor

Title: Five Minutes To Midnight (2nd in A Reason to Celebrate)

Summary: Brian and Justin are back from Vermont in time for New Year’s Eve.  Now the time has come to face the gang and tell everyone that they’re married.  Let the fireworks begin…

Pairing: Brian Kinney/Justin Taylor

Title: Nanny Extraordinaire
Summary: Brian Kinney’s life hadn’t turned out as he had planned it. He had dreams of being the most successful ad-exec in New York City, single and sought after by all. Instead his friend had talked him into helping her have a child and was still living in Pittsburgh. Now he had full custody of his son, Gus, and lived in a house in the suburbs. Granted it was an extremely upscale section of the burbs and he did own an extremely successful advertising firm.

Enter Justin Taylor who had just been thrown out of his home by his homophobic father. Desperate for a job and a place to stay, Justin applies to be Gus’ nanny and is even more surprised when he gets the job. Now he has an energetic four year old and a gorgeous boss to deal with. Can Brian and Justin resist their growing feeling for one another or will they give in and risk it all for love?
Pairing: Brian Kinney/Justin Taylor

2 comments on “Queer As Folk WIP

  1. can you please finish Nanny Extraordinaire

    • It will take a while before it is done. I feel that the story was rushed so I’m rewriting it and expanding it into a series with episodes instead. When the first one is complete I will post it.

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