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Title: Story Books Are Full of Fairy Tales

Summary:  A mother’s greatest wish is to watch her children grow up strong, happy and healthy.  Throughout the millennia, Loki has been denied the right to even see his children once they were born, each child taking a piece of his heart and leaving behind a bitter remnant.

Now once again pregnant, Loki is determined that absolutely nothing will happen to this baby even if it means having to burn the Nine Realms to the ground…

Enter Tony Stark.  Billionaire.  Iron Man.  Playboy. Genius.  Philanthropist.  And now a pregnant Norse goddess’s best friend?

Pairings/ Characters: Thor/Loki, Tony/Steve, Natasha/Maria, Clint/Phil, Bruce/Betty

Title: Hold My Heart Captive

Summary: All his life, Loki has loved Thor while Thor has remained oblivious.  One drunken night changes everything and comes with a price.  Two years later, Loki is still paying price that is becoming increasingly steeper and he feels as though he is drowning.

He is given an ultimatum.  He has to help the Chitauri one last time and after that he will be free of them.  The problem is that he has to betray Thor again and this time he might just find himself having to pay the ultimate price in trying to fulfil his blackmailer’s wishes and still keep all those he loves alive.

Pairings/ Characters: Loki/Thor, Tony/Steve, Clint/Phil, Natasha/Bruce

Title: Out On The Edge

Summary: Connor Temple’s life was falling apart, shattering into a million tiny pieces and there was nothing that he could do to stop it.  No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t forget the one drunken night that he spent with Stephen.

Just when he works up the courage to approach Stephen, the unthinkable happens…

Grief stricken, Connor disappears, leaving everyone else clueless as to why he left.  Months later, after a starling visitor appears through an anomaly, the team decides to track down Connor.  Turns out, Connor has been keeping the biggest secret of them all…

Pairings/ Characters: Stephen Hart/Connor Temple, Nick Cutter/Jenny, Abby Maitland, James Lester, Becker, Sara, Olivia Temple/Hailey Temple

Title: So Please, Under This Moonlight, Let Us Rest In Silence

Summary: When Kira and the Archangel arrived at Artemis, Kira was arrested once Flay revealed that he was a coordinator. Instead of being lead to the docks to remove the lock on the Strike, he was instead taken to a cell and “interrogated” for any information about the coordinators that he might know. With his life hanging in the balance, will Kira make it out alive especially with Athrun on his way to PLANT and having no idea of the danger that Kira is in?

Pairings: Athrun Zala/Kira Yamato

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