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Queer As Folk



Memories – Complete
Summary: It’s Christmas time and Brian reflects on his life. Post 5.13
Pairings: Brian/Justin

Us Against The World – Complete
Summary: On the way to the airport to go to New York, Justin realizes something.
Pairings: Brian/Justin

Wouldn’t You Rather Cuddle? – Complete
Summary: A rewrite of the cuddle scene in the last episode of season five.
Pairings: Brian/Justin


A Reason To Celebrate

1. A White Christmas – Complete But Being Edited
Summary: Having separated for what seemed to be the final time, Brian and Justin are trying to move on with their lives and finding tit not such an easy thing to accomplish. And then the unthinkable happens. Justin is injured in the bomb blast at Babylon. Brian has to once again face the fact that the blonde’s life is hanging in the balance and all that comes after.
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Art: here

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