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1. NO bashing of any authors or their stories.  That is not why we are here.  That goes for any other person who comments or views this site as well.  Everyone is welcome and no fights are allowed.

2. This site is full many different types of relationships.  There are two males, two females, male and female and even triads.  If this is a problem, you should leave post haste and please don’t leaving any despairing comment.  I will simply delete it.

3. For that matter, any negative comments will not be allowed.  I am doing this for fun and my own enjoyment, not for anyone else to moan at.  In addition, don’t leave messages of why you don’t like something or why you are not going to read my stories.  It’s a waster of everybody’s times.     

4. Absolutely NO ONE is allowed to repost my stories or borrow my stories, characters worlds ect without my express permission.

5. My writing is a hobby.  My first priorities are my studies and my job.  When I have spare time, I will write so please don’t bombard me to write.  Nicely worded encouragement is welcome but don’t hound me.  I will eventually finish everything (it just might take some time)

6. I regularly rewrite, change and sometimes completely disregard cannon so if that is a problem don’t read further.  Sometimes I make up things or even create things that would otherwise be impossible in reality but then that is the beauty of writing fanfiction.  I can write whatever the hell I want.


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