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Evil Author’s Day – Bullet To My Heart

Title: Bullet To My Heart

Summary: Secrets are something that can either draw two people closer together or tear them apart.  Clark and Lex should know.  Just when Clark thought things couldn’t get more complicated, Van shoots him using a Kryptonite bullet.  Lex, of course, chooses that moment to visit his best friend.  The pair need to learn that trust and the truth is sometimes more painful than a bullet to the heart. Begins in 3×03 – Extinction.

Pairings/ Characters: Clark/Lex, Martha/Jonathan, Pete, Lana, Chloe
Genre: AU | Slash

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author’s Notes:  For the sake of this story, I’m making Clark recently 17 years old in the beginning.

no beta


“I’ve searched everywhere, from here to Metropolis. It’s like Van disappeared,” Clark exclaimed as he walked towards his father who was unloading bales of straw.  Irritation and frustration laced his voice.

“Clark, he can’t hide forever,” Jonathan Kent told his son as he moved another bale.

The young man reached up and grasped a bale off the back of the trailer.

“Every police officer in the state is looking for him.  They’ll find him,” the older man reassured his son.

Clark carried a bale with one hand over to the pile where they were unloading them to.  He was really worried.  Van hadn’t succeeded in killing Lex but would probably try again real soon.  He’d only just gotten Lex back; he could bear to lose him again.  Especially not since he had finally stopped hiding things from himself.  Metropolis had been good for one thing.  It had opened his eyes and forced him to face some things about himself.

“Let’s just hope he doesn’t find his next target first,” Clark paused for a few seconds before he spoke again.  “Dad, do you think I’m like Van?”

Jonathan gave his son a look that said how-can-you-even-ask-that and replied, “I think you know my answer to that son.  The real question is do you think you’re like Van?”

Clark gave the question a moment’s thought as he carried another bale.

“It’s just that I’ve come into contact with a lot of Krypton infected people and… it never ends with us being friends or shaking hands.”

The black haired teen stood staring unseeingly at the growing pile of straw bales.

“I gave Lana this whole tolerant speech,” Clark informed his father, “I always assume the worst about them too.”

Jonathan looked at his son sympathetically.  He knew that Clark was lonely.  That even though he had friends, next to no one knew his secret which made it difficult for Clark to have someone other than his parents to confide in or talk to.  Unsure of what he could say to make Clark feel better, he simply patted his son on the back as a sign of comfort and support.

“For all we know there could be lots of people out there who’ve been infected who lead perfectly normal lives,” Jonathan tried to reassured his teenage son.

Jonathan stood directly in front of Clark and was once again remind of just how much his son had grown over the last couple of years.

“Forced to live with their secret just like me,” Clark added hopefully.  He really wished that he had someone other than his parents and Pete to talk to.  He loved his parents but they were his parents and Pete couldn’t always be serious or truly understand where he was coming from.  Besides he and Pete’s relationship wasn’t at it’s best at the moment.  Once again the desperate desire to tell Lex everything, just lay all his secrets bare surged through him.

“Who knows, they could be using their abilities for good too,” Jonathan added.  He smiled reassuringly at his son and patted his arm as he spoke, “I’m gonna go get cleaned up.”

Clark dusted his hands off and turned to follow his father.  Maybe he’d go see Lex later on, just to make sure that he was unharmed.  He’d just turned his back and taken a step when he heard the familiar popping sound of a gun being fired.  The black haired young man didn’t even think about his reaction.  It was merely a reflex.  Using his speed, Clark spun around in the direction of the sound of the gun and held up his hand to catch the bullet.

What happened next was something that he had never thought possible, never in a million years.

A bullet ripped through his outstretched hand and embedded itself in his shoulder just above his heart.  The force with which the bullet hit him sent him careening to the ground as lightening hot pain shot through his body.  A scream of pain escaped his lips as he hit the ground.

Clark lay face down in the dirt and continued to scream as the Kryptonite poison spread through his body like wildfire.

Jonathan heard his son scream and turned around alarmed by the sound.

“Clark?” He hurried the few feet towards his son.  “Clark?” he exclaimed as he crouched down in the dirt beside his son.  Jonathan sat down in the dirt by Clark’s head and rolled him over so that his head lay in his lap.  The blonde man was horrified to see what looked like a bullet wound in Clark’s shoulder.  Something that should not have been possible.  Clark continued to pant and moan in pain, every breath was agony.

“Dad?” Clark panted, pleading for his father to take the pain away.

Jonathan grasped Clark’s other hand as he murmured to his son, trying not to panic, “I’ve got you.  I’ve got you.  MARTHA!!”


Lex drove on the road towards the Kent Farm, a road that he was intimately familiar with.  Once again Clark had saved his life and he didn’t know how.  He’d already decided against asking Clark since he knew that the younger man wouldn’t tell him the truth and he could bear to hear another lie.

He never should have married Helen.  He could admit that to himself.  Marrying Helen was a last ditch attempt to prevent himself from pursing Clark.  The three months that he had spent on that deserted island had put thing s into perspective for him though.  Life was by far too short for him to be deluding or hiding a part of himself.  It would be far better to know once and for all so that he could then get on with his life.

Lex also knew that something had happened to Clark over those same three months.  The younger man had changed from who he had been before the wedding.  Lex frowned in concentration.  Actually, now that he was considering it, Clark had been acting differently around him ever since he had begun getting serious about Helen.  It had only gotten worse when he had informed Clark of his engagement.

Being friends, hell best friends with someone who was six years younger than himself was bound to have its challenges.  He’d known that from the very start.  This though… this didn’t feel like an age difference problem. It felt like something else entirely and Lex wasn’t sure what it was.  Not knowing something always made him uneasy, especially lately, when it came to his young friend.

Spotting the familiar entrance with the hanging wooden sign declaring “Kent Farm” Lex turned into the drive and took a moment to gather his thought as he stopped outside the main house.

The young billionaire looked around as he climbed out of his car and noticed the absence of the Kents.

“Must be in the house,” Lex murmured under his breath, turning and heading up the steps leading into the Kent’s home.

Lex was almost standing on the porch when a familiar woman’s voice reached him.

“Hold on, baby.  Hold on.”

The young man frowned in confusion and worry.  What had happened to make Martha Kent sound like that and who was she talking to?  Only two people immediately came to mind and it made Lex’s stomach clench in sudden fear.  Lex could also faintly hear the sounds of someone groaning in pain.

“Jonathan, he’s dying.  The poison is spreading so fast.”

Lex felt like his heart was shattering in to a million pieces.  There could only be one person that they were talking about.  Without stopping to think about it, Lex rushed forward and through the Kent’s front door.

The sight that greeted him was one that would be burned into his memory for all eternity.  Clark was laying on the wooden floor, Martha and Jonathan one either side of him.  Jonathan was holding a knife over the younger dark haired teen.  But what horrified Lex the most, was the bullet would that Clark had.

“Clark,” he uttered as he hurried forward to help in any way that he could.  He didn’t bother trying to call an ambulance.  Martha or Jonathan would have already done that if it were an option.

Both of them were startled by Lex’s sudden appearance but then Clark cried out, arched his back slightly and then stopped breathing all together.

Lex knelt on the floor and placed Clark head in his lap as Martha gasped.  “Jonathan he’s not breathing!”

Lex’s fingers clenched tightly where they were running through Clark’s hair in an effort to be comforting.  Clark couldn’t die.  He just couldn’t.

Jonathan threw the hot knife away and picked up the pliers. Lex watched helplessly as black veins continued to spread from the bullet hole.  He assumed that it was the poison from the bullet that he had heard Martha talking about.

“Hold on baby.  Dad’s gonna get it,” Martha pleaded with her son.

Poking and prodding at the wound, trying to get a fix on the Kryptonite bullet, Jonathan spoke to Clark’s unconscious form, “Don’t you give up on us now, son.”

Lex bent his head and leaned closer to Clark’s ear.  “Please Clark, just hold on.  Just hold on.  You can’t leave me, you can’t leave your parents,” he murmured through the tears that he was keeping at bay.

“It’s in there so deep,” Jonathan muttered despairingly.

The young billionaire felt his heart stop at those words and then start again when he heard the older man mutter, “Wait a second, I think I got it.”

Two seconds later, he pulled out a glowing green bullet covered in blood.  Lex stared at it stunned.  How could such a tiny thing do so much damage?

Jonathan threw the bloody pliers and Kryptonite bullet into the bowl beside his wife who immediately covered it with a cloth and ran out the house with it.

Lex continued running his fingers through Clark’s hair while he and Jonathan quietly watched Clark and prayed that they hadn’t been too late.

“Clark, please wake up.”

“Come on, son.”

After what felt like an eternity but was probably only a few moments, the black veins standing out so starkly on Clark’s tanned skin began receding.  The skin around the wound appeared to swell before knitting itself back together.

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