This website is still under construction so please forgive any incomplete things XD

I love writing fan fiction. There are so many great stories out there that I have read, I really wanted to add my own ideas to them. Hope you all enjoy them.

I will eventually finish all my fics. I promise.

In my little corner of the world, I live by a different set of rules…


1) Gay marriages are legal everywhere in my stories

2) No one is allowed to die without my express permission

3) All is fair in love and war

4) Nothing is as it seems

5) Everyone deserves respect

We follow these rules and everybody will go home happy =P

NO bashing of any authors or their stories. That is not why we are here. That goes for any other person who comments or views this site as well. Everyone is welcome and no fights are allowed.

This site is full of gay fiction and full on gay sex. If this is a problem, you should leave post haste and don’t bother leaving any despairing comment. I will simply delete it.

For that matter, any negative comments will not be allowed. I am doing this for fun and my own enjoyment, not for anyone else to moan at. In addition, don’t leave messages of why you don’t like something or why you are not going to read my stories. You are wasting your time and more importantly you are wasting MY time.

Absolutely NO ONE is allowed to repost my stories or borrow my stories, characters, worlds ect without my express permission.

My writing is a hobby. My first priorities are my studies and my job. When I have spare time, I will write although nicely worded encouragement is welcome and appreciated. I will eventually finish everything (it just might take some time)

Thanks to everyone out there who shares my love of fanfiction and makes writing worth while.

10 comments on “Home

  1. Hey,
    Just checked out the changes… Looking good!

  2. I like the site so far. Just wondering how to find the stories, I love your Harry Potter crossovers and was excited to read that you were writing again. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hi, I was in Midnight Whispers and found a story by you. So I checked out your other stories and enjoyed them. There is one story – Nanny Extraordinaire – that looked very interesting. I like Linz and Mel and Mikey bashing. lol. This hasn’t been updated in awhile and I’m hoping you have plans on finishing it. Please!!!!

    • Hi. I wasn’t happy with the way that the story turned out. I felt that it was too rushed and missed out on sooo much potential. I am rewriting it and am turning it into a series that is going to have ‘episodes’ so as to have a proper relationship development between Brian and Justin and can also include so many cute moments. Please be patient with me as this has the potential to turn it something very big. 🙂

  4. Just wanted to leave some love for the previous months Rough Trade event. I really enjoyed the CA fic, especially the ending where Bucky wakes up to Steve. And some more love for the KNB fic. I love your writing and can’t wait to see where you go with that one. KNB has a special place in my heart, Kuroko is my bae. Hugs!

    • Thank you so much and I apologize for the late reply. I’ve finally had my Captain America story beta’d and am posting it. The Kuroko story might still take some time. Thanks for the lovely comment

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